TQt3 toolkit
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This file describes significant change from
Differences from previous release
(qt-x11-immodule-unified-qt3.3.3-20040819) are itemized with '+'
sign. Search it to track incremental change.
* For users *
+ A strange character inversion problem on some input methods has been
Input methods
- Added "simple" input method which provides dead/multi key composing
for latin languages
User Interface
- Added input method selection menu in the context menu of text
+ default IM configuration feature of qtconfig has been disabled in BC
mode. This is a political change to avoid the confusion about input
method configuration in accordance with GTK+ environment.
See following discussion for further information.
- Added new environment variables TQT_IM_SWITCHER and TQT_IM_MODULE to
set user's favorite input method as default. See README.immodule for
Build & Install
+ configure options have been changed for internal reasons. See 'How
to install' section of README.immodule
- This version of immodule requires corresponding version of each
input method plugins (i.e. update your additional input method
- Plugin directory has been changed from $TQTDIR/plugins/input/ to
$TQTDIR/plugins/inputmethods/. Delete old directory.
- Some codes have been changed to allow compiling against TQt 3.2.x or
* For develpers *
- Almost description of QInputContext and QInputContextPlugin has been
filled. Feel free to ask obscure things at our mailinglist.
New features
- Pluggable input method switcher
Now we can write input method switcher as an ordinary input method
plugin. The two plugins 'imsw-multi' and 'imsw-none' are provided as
default. But the architecture needs more discussion about whether
the design is right or not. Join the discussion.
- Pluggable popup menu
Any input method can provide its own popup menu. See
for further information.
- QInputContext proxying
Some methods of QInputContext have been changed to enable
QInputContext proxying. This feature is required to implement
pluggable input method switcher.
+ QInputContext has been source compatible with Qt4 version. Basic
input method plugin can be source compatible without #ifdef. Only
pluggable popup menu requires #ifdef'ed different code. In addition,
be careful about use of classes that is deprecated in Qt4.
- Our two development tree for TQt3 'Binary Compatible' and 'ALL' have
been merged into this unified source tree. The source tree is called
'Unified' patch.
- 'dead keys' for latin languages have been added into Qt::Key
- Added plugins/src/inputmethods directory to build input method
plugins within the TQt source tree. The directory name 'inputmethods'
is intended to be compatible with Qt/Embedded. Install directory
name is still kept as 'input' for backward compatibility
- Changed XIM input method to a plugin instead of directly link into
- Plugin directory has been changed from $TQTDIR/plugins/input/ to
$TQTDIR/plugins/inputmethods/. Replace install directory with new
- Fixed some bugs in previous qt-x11-immodule-bc-qt3.3.2-20040623. See
following log for more detail.
* src/kernel/qwidget_x11.cpp
- (destroyInputContext): Replace the code with original Simplified
API patch. See the comment to recognize the original intention
- (focusInputContext): Fix a condition to call qic->setFocus() as
originally written. See added comment to recognize the original
- QLocale dependency has been removed to be compiled on TQt 3.2.x or
- Many internal improvements and cleanups
API Changes in qt-x11-immodule-unified-qt3.3.3-20040910
+ QInputContext
* QInputContext()
Added 'parent' arg to be compatible with Qt4. Since the arg
defaults to 0, no modification of plugins are required.
* language()
* identifierName()
Return type of these two methods have been changed from QCString
which is deprecated in Qt4 to QString to make plugins source
compatible with Qt4.
* addActionsTo()
New method for Qt4 text widget developer
API Changes in qt-x11-immodule-unified-qt3.3.3-20040812
- QInputContext proxying
QInputContext have been changed as follows to enable QInputContext
1. Use signal to deliver QIMEvent instead of explicit
postEvent(). This enables QIMEvent proxying and better platform
abstraction. Corresponding slot is created as
2. Move some methods of QInputContext to public from protected or
private. This enables that proxy-IM can access slave methods.
3. Make some methods of QInputContext virtual. This enables
overriding the methods as proxy
4. Rename QInputContext::name() to identifierName() to avoid
conflicting with QObject::name()
- QInputContext
* language()
New method to indicate current language
* menus()
New method for the pluggable popup menu feature
* addMenusTo()
New method for text widget developer
* deletionRequested()
New signal to request deletion of this instance. This is added for
fatal error handling
* identifierName()
This replaces name() of previous API to avoid conflicting with
QObject::name(), and to distinguish the role from displayName()
* filterEvent()
Turn the argument into const. See
for further information
* isComposing
* isPreeditRelocationEnabled
Move to public from protected to allow proxying
* setFocusWidget
* setHolderWidget
* releaseComposingWidget
Move to public from private to allow proxying
* focusWidget
* holderWidget
- Make public from protected to allow proxying
- Make virtual to allow overriding the method as proxy
- QInputContextPlugin
* languages()
New method which returns what languages are supported by the
QInputContext instance
* displayName()
New method which returns a user friendly i18n-ized name of the
QInputContext instance
* description()
New method which returns a i18n-ized brief description of the
QInputContext instance