TQt3 toolkit
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This software was developed with the Open Source Edition of Qt, the
cross-platform C++ graphical user interface toolkit.
Qt is a product of Trolltech (see http://www.trolltech.com). TQt is
released in two different editions:
- The TQt Open Source Edition, which may be used free of charge for
developing free (non-proprietary) software on X11, embedded Linux,
and Mac OS X. This version is available for download from
http://www.trolltech.com/dl/ and is used by this program.
- The TQt Commercial Edition, which may be used to develop
commercial/proprietary software on X11, Microsoft Windows, embedded
Linux, and Mac OS X. For pricing and availability of the Commercial
Edition, please see http://www.trolltech.com/pricing.html or contact
Trolltech at sales@trolltech.com
For further information about Qt, please see the Trolltech web site
(http://www.trolltech.com) or email info@trolltech.com.