TQt3 toolkit
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Before you build the TQt library and example programs, you must run the
"configure" script to set the platform information and other build
settings. You can use the -platform option to specify the operating
system and compiler you are using.
Supported platforms and compilers:
aix-g++ hpux-g++ linux-g++ solaris-cc-64 win32-g++
aix-xlc hpux-g++-64 linux-g++-64 solaris-g++ win32-icc
aix-xlc-64 irix-cc linux-icc solaris-g++-64 win32-msvc
freebsd-g++ irix-cc-64 macx-g++ tru64-cxx win32-msvc.net
freebsd-icc irix-g++ macx-pbuilder tru64-g++
hpux-acc linux-ecc-64 solaris-cc win32-borland
Compilation problems:
If you experience problems compiling TQt 3.x consult the platform
notes found at http://www.trolltech.com/developer/platforms/ where
we post workarounds and known issues as we become aware of them.
./configure -platform irix-cc-64 -shared -debug
You can create your own custom configuration by adding new files
to the mkspecs directory. Use existing similar configurations
as a starting point.